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April 10, 2018 Home Design

Angelica Kitchen Collection

angelica kitchen curacao

angelica kitchen curacao

angelica kitchen restaurant

On Monday 19 March, “will be featured on 30 Minutes Angelica Kitchen Collection” Angelica Sasaki to launch The Republic Group In partnership with the Unit Course. Also, the renowned chef will offer a master class.

Day: Monday, March 19 Time: 11:00 am Location: Dai Hall Auditorium Peruvian Japanese Cultural Center Join Free – limited capacity

This time we will discuss the Quai, the Holy Spirit or root of long life. It is a wild plant that grows in the Alps, Pyrenees and Northern Europe.

It has always been highly regarded because any part of the plant is useful. Although the most widely used parts are roots and seeds or fruit, leaves and stems are also used for similar purposes. The whole plant is very aromatic, emitting a characteristic sweet odor. It is also used as a remedy for many ills. It is very popular in natural medicine.

In the angelica kitchen are used leaves and stems finely chopped fresh as other herbs in flavoring soups, especially fish, salads and vegetables? (The stems of the leaves), candied sugar, for garnish desserts and as a condiment for many dishes is also used. The oil is distilled from the seeds and roots are used to flavor liqueurs and wines. Angelica is one of the ingredients of the famous vermouth.

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In the restaurant we have used for sweet and savory dishes. Some time ago we did an Ice Cream Angelica. Now, however, we are using for a savory dish: Oysters with piquillo. In this preparation we use Angelica to spice peppers cream then bathed with oysters.

Surely many have just discovered that this plant is used for cooking. But most likely it will have taken most infusion as a remedy. Anyway, with all these medicinal plants should be careful not to abuse in the kitchen we got it. I like to add a touch of flavor on Angelica kitchen. A spark but always in moderation.

Thanks for your visit my site and reading our post about Angelica kitchen.

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