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Bathroom Window Treatments

easy bathroom window treatments

easy bathroom window treatments

What kind of spray or paint should I use in a bathroom window treatments for privacy? Having a window in the bathroom offers an instant feeling of luxury, a feeling that is almost always followed by questions regarding privacy. If your bathroom window is in front of the house somewhere where people can see inside, perhaps the light from the window without the view you want. There are several excellent bathroom window treatments with paint that will light and privacy.

  1. Frosted

A simple way to have privacy without adding much color or texture is by using a spray buffing. Place masking tape on the edge of the windows and all around with plastic covers. The spray even through a frosted window glass very clean. Apply several thin coats rather than a thick one for a better finish. Remove the tape when you’re done and the window will be frosted to protect your privacy.

  1. Engraving

Engraving is similar in appearance to the ground except that the results are permanent. The etching solution that you paint on the window actually eat glass surface. Find a glass etching solution, adhesive tape placed around the window and applied according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Once you remove the solution is permanently frosted window. You could wash the window without worrying about scratching the paint.

  1. Leaded glass

For a treatment of Victorian painting, bathroom window treatments with cleaning very well. Put a glass coating pattern externally on the window with tape. Use design as a pattern leaded glass and hits the inside of the glass. After adjusting the leaded glass, paint the sections with glass paints. These are sold at craft stores in various shades of colors. You can create the appearance of painted windows for which it is difficult to see for privacy. This treatment can be removed later if you change your decor.

  1. Paint for glass

The paintings and window films are available to paint or varnish the glass or make it more opaque. Often bathroom window treatments, a vital factor when applying paint on the hard, smooth surface is that the application of the primer that could adhere to glass. Choose a primer designer for applications on glass and follow the instructions exactly for best results. The painted glass is often vulnerable to scratches, so maybe you need to take care of the window to keep the surface in good condition.

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