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September 23, 2017 Kitchen Ideas

Considering Bamboo Countertops as Your Choice

are bamboo countertops durable

are bamboo countertops durable

Known as one of the most durable natural materials, bamboo has been famous to be used for flooring material. However, that is not the only interior element you can exploit as you introduce the beauty of bamboo into your own home. What about bamboo countertops for your kitchen? Today, we will briefly explain everything about bamboo countertop you need to know, including bamboo countertops pros and cons to guide you in making your decision.

In general, the benefits of bamboo countertops are similar with ones of bamboo flooring. Compared to hardwood counterpart, bamboo is considerably more environmentally friendly. Unlike wood which may need ten to twenty years to grow to mature, bamboo needs only three to five years. Bamboo is also renowned for being one of durable natural materials—some even say bamboo is stronger than concrete! It also retains the natural beauty you can exploit to enhance the appearance of your home interior, especially your kitchen.

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Unfortunately, it does not mean bamboo countertops do not have drawbacks with all of those benefits they offer. Even though bamboo is considerably durable and sturdy, its surface may prone to stains and damages. That is why bamboo flooring is not recommended for a room with heavy furniture. As for countertop itself, you thus may prefer bamboo one installed for light duty zone. Avoid installing bamboo countertop for prep zone, especially if you prefer countertop material you can use as chopping board at the same time.

To install bamboo countertops, you may find the bamboo countertops cost is quite affordable. The cheapest bamboo countertop can be as low as $1,500 to $2,000. Even so, the price may soar high up to $4,000. It goes without saying the cost is not only the cost of countertop itself—the size even matters. Do not forget to calculate labor cost, especially if you ask expert to install it.

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