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May 8, 2018 Home Design

How to a concrete countertop paint

Countertop Paint Granite

The concrete countertop paint is a quick way to renew any environment and at the same time add your own personal touches. Additionally, cracked or old concrete can easily appear again when painted.


  1. Rub concrete countertops with soap and water using a sponge. The detergent will easily remove all dirt. It is important that all surfaces to be painted are clean. After clearing the benches, rinse all the soap and let it dry completely for 10-24 hours.
  2. Fill all cracks in concrete with sealant. The ink must have a smooth surface which fix. The result not only looks better, as the ink will also last longer. For this, use concrete sealant that comes in a caulking tube. Squeeze sealant into the cracks, leaving overflowing. After filling in all the cracks, use a metal scraper to remove excess sealant. Drag a flat end of the scraper onto the concrete in a uniform motion from one end surface to the other to catch any overflowing sealant that is the cracks and drag along the counters to create a planar surface between the cracks and the counter. Let dry for 24 hours.
  3. Create a uniform texture. When a concrete countertop paint, minor imperfections appear, so it is important to create the smoothest surface possible before beginning the painting process. For this, sand the surface of the countertop with sandpaper No. 120. Apply moderate pressure and a circular motion. Sweep the dust with a broom in hand.
  4. Primer to pass across the concrete surface to be coated to ensure a satisfactory result. The primer creates a surface where paint can adhere properly. The paint can chip in a few weeks if you paint directly on the concrete. Use a small paint roller to apply the primer. A brush or foam roller is better than a common bristle brush for this project. Apply a uniform primer layer on the entire surface and allow drying for about five hours.
  5. The concrete countertop paint in the desired color. Use ink designed specifically for concrete. Consider a waterproof ink, depending on the location of your countertops. Apply a thick and uniform layer of paint on the entire surface using a small paint roller. Do not worry if the color does not get as dark as you want or if the primer still show through the paint. Let dry for three hours before applying another coat. Repeat to apply at least three layers of paint. Let dry for 24 hours.
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6. Apply a layer of clear protective varnish – can be high gloss or matte to keep countertop paint chipping. Use a paint roller to apply the veneer, the same way you did in the previous steps. Apply two or three coats and let dry for 24 hours before using the countertops.

Walmart granite countertop paint,

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