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April 21, 2018 Home Design

How to Arrange a Narrow Coffee Table in a Narrow Living Room

Narrow Coffee Table Dimensions

Narrow coffee table is appropriate to be placed in a narrow living room. Since a narrow living room has limited space available, then it is important to save the limited space so that the living room will still feel comfortable and relaxing as a gathering space. The most common problem happens in designing a narrow living room is how to choose the right furniture. Furniture is usually big and bulky and this will make the space eliminated instantly once it is added. The solution here is to find the right furniture that suits the space available. If your living room is narrow, then narrow furniture can be the best option.

The most important thing here is not just about choose narrow furniture, but also how to arrange all the furniture pieces properly in your living room. The limited space in a narrow living room will make it difficult to even place smaller pieces of furniture. Narrow coffee table can be a good option to use since this has a small scale that can fit well in a living room. However, you also need large pieces of furniture besides the smaller ones.

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Choose only small furniture pieces for your living room will just make the narrow space even narrower. You should add some larger pieces of furniture that can be used for several functions to save the space. The largest furniture piece can be placed against the longest wall right in the middle. The narrow table can be placed in the middle of the room since it is smaller.

The smaller pieces in your living room should be placed in the right areas symmetrically to make them balance for one another. The narrow table put in the center of the room can be completed with a chair at the end of the table since it has a long, narrow design that can suit some different chairs. However, you should not add too many chairs around the table because this can make the space cramped.

Just place a chair in one of the end of the coffee table and then place a large couch in one long end of the coffee table. Do not overstuff all the sides of the coffee table with furniture because at least one side should be left free. Narrow coffee table is an ideal option for a narrow living room since it has an ideal size and scale.

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