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March 19, 2018 Home Design

How to Care Walnut Coffee Table

Elegant Walnut Coffee Table With Storage

Walnut coffee table is usually expensive because walnut is a type of high quality wood that is durable and strong. However, walnut that is used overtime will start to deteriorate because of the changing of humidity and temperature in the room. So, this is necessary to care walnut furniture properly and keep it durable and beautiful all the time. The ways to care walnut furniture is different from one to another because the furniture is made in several different finishes for several different styles.

For example if your walnut furniture has a modern design, it might be finished in polyurethane finish while antique walnut furniture usually has a hand-rubbed resin finish. Although the finishes might be different, there are still some differences in the way of caring the furniture.

Walnut coffee table should not be scratched. As a coffee table, surely this is vulnerable to get scratch sin the room is heavily used. To protect the table, you can use mats, tablecloths and caster so that the surfaces will not get scratches easily. Dust the coffee table frequently to keep it clean using a microfiber tack cloth. Touch the coffee table lightly and never rub it forcibly. If you want to maximally dust the table, you can use a soft cloth damped in dusting product and rub all the surfaces. Whenever you find spills on the table, you must clean them immediately before any milky stain formed. When you serve something for your guests, try not to put hot cups on the table because they will make the finish color fading slowly.

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If you find any stain or mark that cannot be erased easily, you need to use a more effective way of cleaning. Use cheesecloth and damp it in a hot water mixed with a few drops of ammonia for household. Make the cheesecloth into a pad and use it to rub the stain lightly until it is disappear. After that, apply enough amount of linseed oil and dry it out using a dry soft cloth. Actually, the finished of your walnut furniture can last longer if they are well protected.

You can regularly apply silicone or wax-based polish finish twice a year, but consider the finishes of the coffee table first. If the finish is polyurethane varnish, it cannot be protected using this way. If the furniture is finishes are oily, you can apply linseed oil in thin coats just once a year to remove the oily. Walnut coffee table will still look beautiful although in many years with the right care.

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