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April 30, 2018 Bathroom

How to Remodel Houzz Bathroom a Double Dip

Elegant Houzz Bathrooms

A double bathroom provides advantages and benefits for owners and family members. The bathroom regularly accessed from two different rooms and has their sinks. The design style became popular in the 70s to accommodate the needs of families with children, hence the term “double”. Having a bathroom so it is advantageous if you have children or not. Use the new style houzz bathroom trends and take advantage of the extra space in your bathroom when planning your decor.


  1. It examines key features of the current bathroom. If your tub and shower look like relics of 1970, a project of remodeling is a good opportunity to update old trends as bathtubs and sinks avocado green.
  2. Think quick fixes to update the houzz bathroom. This can be as simple as changing taps or keys to something that looks timeless and elegant brushed nickel or chrome arrangements. Another idea is to update the rapid remodeling of the shower head.
  3. Consider creating a separate shower. Separate bathtub and shower can make it more contemporary double houzz bathroom. A person can swim while the other takes a bath. Give the bathroom one look that is sleek and modern by using glass doors for the shower. Make having a slightly larger than normal to accommodate percent and a projection for the shower has spa quality size. A door from the wall to the floor also provides security and accessibility benefits for older residents and guests.
  4. Examine the current wall vanity sink. A sink counter occupying the entire wall can present opportunities to maximize space and give each user a greater sense of bathroom privacy.
  5. Upgrade toilets with newer styles like modern sinks, upper cabinet, or looking for a new style with a pedestal sink.
  6. Choose tiles and paint colors that define the appearance and style of the project of remodeling. The environments of white, beige tiles hurry neutral mix with almost any choice of paint. If children are sharing a room, consider reference during selection of colors to reduce clutter and get their opinions on wall colors and edges.
  7. Consider all of your options for the floor to remodel the houzz bathroom. If users are children or teenagers, a tile floor will be much easier to clean. A wood floor might be easier for someone in a wheelchair. You can also consider installing panel’s heat beneath a floor tile or wood to add warmth and comfort to project double bathroom remodeling.
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