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April 11, 2018 Home Design

How to Sand Wooden Coffee Table

wooden coffee table ebay

wooden coffee table ebay

Wooden coffee table can be repainted, restained or refinished easily when they start looking worn and outdated. However, in every repainting, restaining or refinish job, sanding the furniture first is the most important thing. Sanding will make sure that the paint or stain can penetrate evenly to the wood surface over the smooth surface of the furniture. Many people do not put this project into account because they do not think sanding is an important step to do. When they sand, the might just sand the surface of the furniture without thinking whether or not they have sanded all the surfaces very well.

To well sand your wooden furniture, you should choose the right grit of sandpaper for the best result. The rule is simple. The harder the wood surface, the lower the number of sandpaper grit that should be used. So, check and inspect your wooden furniture to see if the wood used is hard or soft. Choose the right grit of sandpaper first and buy a fine-grit sandpaper for finishing the sanded furniture with a smooth surface.

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Wooden coffee table then can be sanded once the right sandpaper is chosen. Protect yourself during the project by wearing a dust mask. The sanding stirs could be dangerous if they are inhaled. Sand the furniture using the rough side of the sandpaper starting from one side and working your way to the other side of the furniture. This will keep you on track during the project so that you will not leave any surface of your wooden furniture. Also, this can tell you easily which part that has been sanded. Sand the furniture by pushing the sandpaper forward and do it until you reach the end of the coffee table.

Once you reach the end, repeat the step again from the start. Use a back and forth motion when sanding your furniture and do not sand in one spot of furniture all the time. Too much sanding the furniture will make the surface uneven. Do not sand the smooth surfaces with no rough patches or burrs to keep the surface even. If one section is finished, continue sanding to the other section in the same motion and attitude. Keep sanding until all the surfaces are done. Finally, you can sand the furniture using fine-grit sandpaper in the same step as before to smooth the surface. Wooden coffee table can be painted, finished or stained after the sanding process.

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