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December 27, 2017 Home Design

How to Stain Rattan Coffee Table

Rattan Coffee Table Ikea

Rattan Coffee Table Ikea

Rattan coffee table is easy to get worn and outdated. This might be caused by the rattan material, which is natural and is not as durable as wood. Rattan is beautiful in its natural look, but sometimes, it might look boring because the color of the rattan stain starts fading. In this case, you might need to get a new stain to your rattan furniture. However, staining rattan furniture is different from staining wood furniture because the texture and the characteristics of these two materials are different. So, it is better to learn how to stain your rattan furniture properly to end up in a great result.

To stain rattan wood furniture, you cannot use regular stain, but use dye instead. This is because the surface of rattan furniture is not really permeable and dyes will make it more permeable during the project. First, you should clean the coffee table first to remove any grime and dirt from the surface. Use a mixture of a gallon of warm water, and an ounce of dish soap or any kind of weak detergent. Check your coffee table and inspect the surface carefully.

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If you find it moldy, you can add a half of cup of bleach to the mixture. Clean the furniture using a toothbrush to reach every area including the crevices. After that, wipe down the furniture and allow it to dry under the sun. Rattan coffee table will clean and dry after this cleaning and drying project.

Now since the furniture is free from grime and dirt, you can remove the existing finish of the coffee table by scuffing it. However, staining your furniture would not be successful if your rattan furniture had been painted or varnish coated heavily because stain would not penetrate well to the surface. If this is the case, you can consider revanishing or repainting your furniture for a better result. Rattan coffee table can be dyed properly by using a dye solution made of dye powder and solvent. If you want, you can use water-soluble dyes instead. If you are using the powder mixture, strain the mixture first to remove any solid particles.

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Now you can start staining by placing the coffee table on newspaper and protect the other furniture in the room using paper, plastic or tape. Start dying from the underside of the coffee table and do it evenly to all over the surface you want to dye. Rattan coffee table would look so much better after this is well completed.

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