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August 20, 2017 Home Design

Instructions on how to paint knotty alder cabinets

knotty alder cabinets durability

knotty alder cabinets durability

If you want to use the rustic knotty alder cabinets to make renovations to your home, such as replacing molding, door panels, frames of windows , or even to the ground, you may want to maintain the appearance of textured wood grain to whilst improving the color ink timber. Dyeing is not a difficult process, but for great results cannot simply brush and then clean the ink. First you have to sand the wood and then complete the necessary preparations to get the most out of your wood stain.


  1. Sand the surface of knotty alder cabinets with sandpaper ranging from 150 to 220 grains to open the pores of the wood. The harder the sandpaper, the more the pores open. This will give a rustic look to your alder. If you want a refined look, use fine sandpaper.
  2. Clean knotty alder cabinets with clean cotton cloth dampened with mineral spirits. This removes dust from the pores. Mineral spirits also help raise wood fibers. This helps the wood to accept ink better. Let’s take a few minutes to dry the wood to its natural color.
  3. Applies the regular movements ink with a brush or sponge. Overlap each stroke by 50 percent to ensure adequate coverage.
  4. Clean the ink after about 30 minutes with a clean cotton cloth. If you let the ink for a shorter term, the ink will be more transparent and shine wooden beads to give a rustic look. If you let the ink longer, the color of the wood darkens and provides a solid look.
  5. Add a second layer of ink as you added the first one if you want a darker look.
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