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August 13, 2017 Home Design

Recycle Your Former Table to Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table

blue tufted ottoman coffee table

blue tufted ottoman coffee table

Tufted ottoman coffee table seems to be a great idea if you are already getting tired of seeing the glass or wooden table you usually have and you look at the 80 percent of people in this world house. This table is a table with wooden legs or iron or steel but soft surface such as a sofa. They are very pretty and easy you mix with the concept turns your house. Wow, it turns out they are also easy to make yourself at home. And it looks like you do not need to throw the table former yours that has been unused due to bad looking but still physically strong. You can make a coffee table with your former table; you can recycle them and make them the initial value of 30 to 80 or even get their 100 back.

To recycle them you will need a few additional materials like foam, fabric, needle, thread, glue, nails, and Harmer. You prepare a table former is not feasible at the show in public is to clean up (you can wash them, then give a new color if you want, or just give sandpaper so them will look more glossy again), and then get the size of the surface. After that you start working with foam, you cut them according to the size of the surface of the table that you have had before, and then attach it with glue on the surface of the table that you have clean, prettify and may already looks like new. Tufted ottoman coffee table first stage was almost successful you make.

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Then you cut the cloth to cover the surface of the foam, you should pay attention to the texture and type material would you use, because they will determine that your table is categorized as beautiful or very poor category. For a simple form maybe you can glue them with small spikes on each side of your desk, just like that, maybe a little look like a sofa, but believe me they are the table, LOL. Or if you have a lot of time and patience to sew then proceed to the next step, you can put little bottoms there and form straight and parallel motifs from all sides. You have to sew them one by one so that they will look more beautiful, but once again they will still look like a sofa and you have to believe in it as a table. Tufted ottoman coffee table is actually like that.

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