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May 5, 2018 Home Design

The first jelly cabinet of canned

Antique Jelly Cupboard Prices

Antique Jelly Cupboard Prices

The simple design of the first canned jelly cabinet can add a rustic charm to any room inside your home. While its intended use is for a kitchen or pantry, the closet can provide additional storage space in a home office, a living room or a bedroom. An antique cabinet canning is also a good solution for those who like to store the fruit pickles, jellies and vegetables.


The cabinets were used canning in the nineteenth century to store pickles, jams and jellies. Larger cabinets dishes displayed in the top shelves, while canned and food were kept in a space with double doors. Small closets only stored the cans.


The first jelly cabinet of canned originated in New England are constructed with wide pine boards. The style of the cabinets in New England is about six feet high by three feet wide (182 by 91 cm). These cabinets were practical and simple appearance but some owners painted cabinets. Cabinets built within the Shaker style also had an easy design with two doors, interior shelves and perhaps with sliding panels. The cabinets are manufactured in Pennsylvania 5 feet tall by 3 feet wide (152 by 91 cm). The cabinet design manufactured in Pennsylvania has legs with drawers and two doors at the top of the cabinet. It also has panels decorated with punched tin star or floral designs.

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Kitchen cabinet

Canned cabinets can add extra storage space for a country style kitchen. The separate pieces of furniture such as a jelly cabinet of canned offer a more primitive than wardrobes decoration. Those with an open design lets you store dishes and utensils with the food. Match canning cupboard with aged white cabinet for a country style room decoration.

Room with rustic decor

The jelly cabinet canning can also complement the decor in other rooms of the house. The shelves in the wardrobe can store DVD home theater or living room. Use it to store documents in a home office or bedroom for storing accessories.

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