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March 16, 2018 Home Design

The Fisher Price Kitchen

Fisher Price Kitchen Ideas

Fisher price kitchen – The area of make believe is a section of a preschool classroom that contains objects of the world real, to encourage children to interpret everyday activities such as cooking and socializing. The games help kids develop skills they will use in adulthood, helping them to understand the world around them, while inducing creativity and imagination. Much of this area is the kitchen.

Equip it with different types of play fisher price kitchen food is very simple. They can be bought at specialized sites or retail stores in general; made of plastic, wood or fabric. It is not advisable to use real food in these areas; it may cause choking, mess and ruin the equipment.

A kitchen full of fun and learning, with over 20 songs and musical activities has many activities, inside, outside, front and back: open and close the refrigerator, press the light switch, stir the soup, open and close the oven, and also … with music, sounds, lights, 4 game options and plenty of top party songs! Interactive game 4 options:

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Option learning: A, B, C … 1, 2, 3 … up, down, front and back, in this fisher price kitchen the child will find plenty of fun learning activities and interactive game. Learning English Option: learn English words. Musical Option: to tighten the faucet, a song is playing.

The active child by himself a lot of fun and learning: songs, music, sounds and phrases. Option imagination sounds very real issues that invite imitation game. Helps children distinguish objects, numbers, letters, colors and shapes. Stimulates their ability to reason and problem solving through action-based response activities, reinforces the concepts learned through music, sounds and songs and helps increase their vocabulary with new words and forms of greeting. Works with batteries included.

Is your know fisher price kitchen? Tell us price to fisher kitchen in the comments of this article.

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