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August 12, 2017 Home Design

Tips to Paint a Wrought Iron Coffee Table with Glass Top

wrought iron patio furniture

wrought iron patio furniture

Wrought iron coffee table topped with glass surface is a great option of coffee table that can be used in almost any living room decor and size. The glass top of the coffee table allows you to see the beauty of the wrought iron through its transparency. However, no matter how beautiful the coffee table is, you might need to restain the coffee table to match the decor of your living room. You can paint the base of the coffee table, the wrought iron to match with the existing decor in your living room. The new color of the paint can still be seen through the glass making the coffee table look more attractive.

Painting a wrought iron coffee table is an easy job that can be completed in even a day. What you need to do is to prepare the materials needed since you do not require any specific skills to master. After everything is well prepared, remove the glass top first from the coffee table and put the base of the coffee table in a well ventilated or open area.

Place the base on plastic sheeting on your floors. Protect the area around the coffee table to protect them from any paint. Now you can start painting your wrought iron base coffee table. First, use a wire brush to brush the wrought iron from any rust, debris or paint and follow it by rubbing the surface using a clean rag. Wrought iron coffee table tends to get rust and dirt, so this is important to keep it clean before painting.

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Prime the wrought iron by spraying it. Choose a primer spray that is specially designed for wrought iron. You can apply the primer for some thin coats and let each coat to dry for about 30 minutes. The last coat should be allowed to dry for about four hours for the best result. Once the prime dried properly, you can paint the wrought iron using specific paint for wrought iron.

For the best result, you can choose prime and paint that are made by the same company to allow them work together. Apply several times of paint in thin coats and like the prime, each coat should be allowed to dry for 30 minutes. The last coat of paint should be dried in 24 hours and the table can be used afterward. Wrought iron coffee table will look more attractive in your living room with the new matching paint color.

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